I create because I was made in the image of a Creator.

Fed Up!!

I seriously considered burning all of my scripts tonight…

Why? Because the beautiful words end in nothing…and all turn out to be empty. They’re all stories. Stories about life, death, sex, drugs, alcohol, family; every single one of them ends there. Things of this life. Things that satisfy us for a short time, but always fall short. That gaping hole in your heart can’t be filled with any of these things. Even good things cannot completely appease that hungry abyss in your chest. The desire never subsides, you always want more.

I will admit I am being extremely dramatic right now and it is probably stemming from a combination of the late hours and me not fulfilling my purpose here. Our purpose is worship. We need to worship something, Whether it be the internet, a boyfriend, theater. I have not been worshipping God rightly lately. I have not been treating Him as the maker of the heavens and the Holy Creator He is. I have been treating God as a wise, sometimes angry, man in the sky who’s sits on a cloud. 

This is why the world is so messed up. We’re all broken and worshipping things we were never meant to. Why do you think you have a burning sense saying, “It’s not supposed to be this way!!”? You have never experienced something perfect. So why do you think life should be? 

None of my plays in my collection have real hope. None. That’s why I am so angry, because the secular playwrights use pretty words and the Christians coat everything in a layer of cheese. The bible is not cheesy. The bible is offensive and hard. 

To the Christians out there. Dare to write something real. Ask the spirit and write. 

Please. I am very tired of reading all this crap!

Hamlet with animals….I must say scar is my favorite character. Mostly because Jeremy Irons voice acting is so rich.

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Every once in a while I miss my daddy. I think about how he said he was going to get me a light blue, convertible mustang and fix it up for me as a college graduation gift. I just wish he was there to see me graduate high school.  
Miss you, you crazy old fart and say hi to God for me!!

“Theatre is only an inch away from absolute absurdity.”


Sam Mendes, NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage (via shakespearemonologues)

If this were play’d upon a stage now, I could condemn it as an
improbable fiction.
- Twelfth Night III.4

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One-Hundred-And-One Dalmatians, 1961
Screen capture composite of Roger’s bachelor pad.


One-Hundred-And-One Dalmatians, 1961

Screen capture composite of Roger’s bachelor pad.

101 Dalmatians + sceneries

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Worth watching! You have got to understand that kids from troubled homes act out for a reason.

Lose yourself to the movement

This is what dance is supposed to be. Beautiful and personal

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for ten years now, leonid tishkov has traveled the world with his moon. here we see him in arctic svalbard magdalene fjord (1,5,7), new zealand, near rangitito (second photo, taken by marcus williams), the tian shang observatory near the border between china and kyrgyzstan (third photo, by po-i chen) and moscow (4,6,8, taken by boris bendikov)

"the moon is a shining point that brings people together from different countries, of different nationalities and cultures - and everyone who gets in its orbit does not forget it ever. it gives fairytale and poetry in our prosy and mercantile world," leonid writes. "the moon helps us to overcome our loneliness in the universe by uniting us around it."

leonid adds, “the ancient ural peoples who lived in my home told a fairy tale about how a shaman goes into the next world, illuminating the path of the moon. so in all of my photos, i can be seen in my late father’s cloak, because he travels with me in this way.”

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This was shot on an iPhone?!


Most Shocking Second a Day Video